Welcome to Millersport Agri Service Inc.

Millersport Agri Service is a family owned business that strives to bring unprecedented value to all of our customers through high quality products at fair prices with dependable service, parts, inventory, and advice.

At Millersport Agri Service, you will be dealing with the founders and owners who, like yourself, farm. Our experiences on our farm guide our recommendations for equipping your farm to be efficient and profitable.

Millersport Agri Service was founded in 1971 by Larry and Julie Hoover when a need was identified in the area for grain storage and drying systems. The business then expanded to include all manners of short line equipment, including tillage, planting, spraying and hay making equipment, among others. Through the years, second generation family members have returned to join the growing business and farm.

Being farmers ourselves, we use this equipment on our farm and see firsthand what is successful and profitable.

Being farmers ourselves, we understand the business and challenges of farming.

In short, being farmers ourselves gives us a better perspective for making recommendations in which your needs are considered first.

We have been blessed through the years to have the opportunity to work with many fine family farming operations. We value your trust, we care about your success, and we look forward to working with you now and in the future.

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